Slavs and Tatars: Lecture Performance

„I Utter Other“

Thursday, 10 April 2018 at 7 pm.


At Westfälischer Kunstverein
Rothenburg 30
48143 Münster

Admission free

In English


What does it mean for one east to look to and at another one? Can the romanticized romanticize? From Poles in the service of the Tsar to Persian Presbyterians, I Utter Other looks at the curious case of Slavic Orientalism in the Russian Empire and early USSR (not to mention its German origins). The lecture offers a crucial counterpoint if not antecedent to the received wisdom of Saidian Orientalism. Despite the radical transition from Tsarism to Bolshevism, the study of the East in the East complicates notions of identity politics and knowledge in the service of power, offering a coherent post-colonial critique some 60 years avant la lettre.


In the context of the Exhibition Slavs and Tatars „Saalbadereien / Bathhouse Quackeries“