Westfälische Küche - Thekengespräche / © WKV

Westfälische Küche - Thekengespräche with Ralf Heimann (RUMS)



Monday, 5 June 2023 at 8 pm

After a long break, the Westfälischer Kunstverein is relaunching its series of events "Westfälische Küche" (Westphalian Cuisine), which is organised by members, with the addition of "Thekengespräche" (Counter Talks): The conversations are being moved from the kitchen to the bar, because that's still the best place to chat over a cold drink. Together with their guests, not only from Münster's art and culture scene, the conversation partners stand behind the bar and serve drinks.

The "Westfälische Küche", a programme initiated by members of the Westfälischer Kunstverein, has been taking place since 2015. Various conversation partners from Münster's art and culture scene, but also from beyond the city limits, were invited to talk about their activities and various topics in a relaxed atmosphere and unconventional setting - freely according to the motto: " The best conversations take place in the kitchen." After the format enjoyed great popularity before the Corona pandemic, it was initially continued online until 2021. After this break, the series is now coming back in a modified form.

Ralf Heimann, editorial director of the online local newspaper RUMS, is invited to the relaunch on 5 June at 8 pm. The journalist and author is co-founder, partner and editorial director of the online magazine. In addition to his personal connection to local journalism, Ralf Heimann will talk about the current challenges in Münster's press and media landscape. Everyone is invited to join in the discussion.  

Organised by Jana Bernhardt, Helena Düsing, Marijke Lukowicz, Jana Peplau and Elena Winkler.