Matthew Buckingham

22 January — 13 March 2005

Public Programme

Friday, 21 January at 7pm
Welcome: Heiner Diehle
Introduction: Carina Plath

Saturday, 22 January at 2pm
with Matthew Buckingham

Sunday, 23 January at 1pm at Schlosstheater
Movies by Matthew Buckingham
"Amos Fortune Road", 1996, 20 min., b/w, 16 mm

"Situation Leading to a Story", 1999, 20 min., b/w, 16 mm

"Muheakantuck – Everything Has a Name", 2004, 38 min., colour, 16 mm
Repetition of the Programme:
 Dritter Donnerstag
, Thursday, 17 February at 8pm at the Landesmuseum

Sunday, 6 March at 1pm at Schlosstheater
Thursday, 10 March at 8pm at the Landesmuseum

Actualités – Short Movies of the early days of Filming

Movies by the Brothers Lumière, Thomas A. Edison, Max Sklandanowsky, Georges Méliès, Edwin S. Porter and others