Zin Taylor


"Creative Writing"

4 March – 7 May 2017


Friday, 3 March at 7pm
(admission free)

VenueWestfälischer Kunstverein, Rothenburg 30, 48143 Münster
Opening Hours Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 7pm
Admission4 € / 2 € concessions / members free

Zin Taylor's (b. 1978, Calgary, CA) “Creative Writing" is a new interconnected installation in which he has created an entire landscape made up of corresponding elements.  A comprehensive drawing extends across the walls of the exhibition space and is complimented by delicate mobiles. A 17-minute voiceover of Taylor's story “Tale of a Dot", spoken by the artist himself and which he has illustrated with sounds, accompanies the mobiles. Enveloped in the scent of incense, visitors can abandon themselves in an immersive experience and realise that all the works are underpinned by a single concept: the question of how thoughts take shape, how something internal comes to the fore, manifests itself and coalesces with and into other entities. Taylor addresses this genuinely sculptural line of inquiry by means of a visual grammar comprising dots, lines, curves and zigzags – rather like the syntax of a language or make-up of a script. Memories and past experiences feed these drawings and, chiming with the other elements in the exhibition, create a space, a landscape, which in turn enables thinking and engenders the "traversing dot". For Taylor, thoughts are like "haze" which at first needs emptiness, a space in which it can swirl around in order ultimately to condense on objects and thereby manifest itself. Air and temporal duration play a part here: the gradual smouldering of the incense sticks as they burn down, the transport of sound through space and the oscillating mobiles heighten this impression.

The composer and conductor, Christina Vantzou has translated the drawings on the walls into a graphic score and will present it on 6 May. Zin Taylor has designed a sweatshirt for the occasion bearing a print of the moon. In addition, Taylor's "Reclining Hippie" has become a protagonist of sorts and reappears on a bath towel.  Both items are available for purchase in the Kunstverein.

The artist book Void Flowers, Vol. 2. will be published at the end of the exhibition.

Furthermore the vinyl "Thoughts of a Dot as it Travels a Surface" is published by Shelter Press.

Kindly supported by the Embassy of Canada, Berlin.

Public Programme



Exhibition walkthrough with Zin Taylor
Saturday, 4 March at 2pm

Guided tour with curator Kristina Scepanski
Friday, 10 March at 6 pm
Saturday, 1 April at 2 pm

Book Launch and artist talk
Music performance of a graphic score arranged and conducted by Christina Vantzou. 
Book launch of Void Flowers, Vol. 2 published by Bywater Bros. and Westfalischer Kunstverein 
Saturday, 6 May at 2pm


Opening Hours Easter holidays
Good Friday, 14 April: closed
Open on Saturday, Sunday and Easter Monday, 11am-7pm