"The Other: A Familiar Story"

8 May – 8 August 2021









30 April - 8 August 2021

With Jasmin Werner, Sarah Buckner, Sami Schlichting and Pablo Schlumberger.

Curated by Marie Sophie Beckmann and Julie Robiolle.

In the project space of LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur and Westfälischer Kunstverein



 "Westfailure. The Library"


30 April - 27 June 2021

with Jan Brandt, Olivia Hyunsin Kim, Mette Moestrup, Nástio Mosquito, Ian Purnell, Philine Rinnert, Stefanie de Velasco, Shlomi Moto Wagner

at the foyer of Westfälischer Kunstverein


28 August – 24 October 2021