RADAR: Tomoko Mori



"Ostkreuz ⟷ Hikkaduwa"

21 May - 3 July 2016

OpeningFriday, 20 May 2016 at 7pm
VenueGalerie der Gegenwart
Access via Westfälischen Kunstverein, Rothenburg 30,
48143 Münster
Opening HoursTuesday-Sunday 11am-7pm


The point of departure for Tomoko Mori’s (b. 1982, Hokkaido, Japan) artistic output is landscape. She is fascinated by the interplay between nature’s inherent principles, its repetitions and hidden order with glitches, chance and chaos. Tomoko Mori is particularly interested in the perpetual human attempt to master nature, which always ultimately reclaims its habitat. In drawing from her own visual memory, transforming observations and transcribing them to a two-dimensional surface, the artist creates new abstract landscapes. During the working process she continually maintains a balance between conscious control and intuition. Before working on the canvas itself, she also employs digital enhancements. Just as the natural landscape can change within seconds during an earthquake, for example, Mori’s artificial landscapes can also change, in response to process and chance. The artist made the deliberate decision to have the size of the Galerie der Gegenwart exhibition space reduced for her installation. She is presenting her work on a wall that has been moved closer to the window, to emphasise the space’s actual function as a display window. Tomoko Mori expands the two-dimensionality of painting within the three-dimensional exhibition room by drawing an abstract silhouette of a landscape in the space using adhesive tape. In covering the floor as well as the walls with silver lines and forms, she alludes to the superimposing and layering of forms and surface that distinguishes her poetic paintings, opening up multiple planes in space. The principle of a layered pictorial ground generating spatial perspective, using a tripartite division into foreground, middle ground and background, has been used in Western landscape painting since at least the Renaissance. In Tomoko Mori’s work this Western tradition is mixed with Asian landscape painting and various printing techniques, such as screen-printing.

The exhibition is curated by Jenni Henke and Marijke Lukowicz.


Photos: LWL/Hanna Neander




A co-operation of LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur and Westfälischer Kunstverein in the Galerie der Gegenwart


RADAR is a new exhibition format of the LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur and Westfälischer Kunstverein. The name of the series alludes to keeping an eye on current artistic productions. Being displayed are works by younger, still largely lesser known artists who have been noticed and appear "on the radar". The exhibited works provide insights into the artists’ current areas of work, with experimenting, failing and trying out serving as important aspects of the cooperative exhibition concept. With RADAR, the two institutions are – for the first time – entering into a spatial, conceptual and content-related cooperation.


Public Programme

Friday, 20 May at 7pm

Artist Talk 
Tomoko Mori, Jenni Henke and Marijke Lukowicz
Wednesday, 8 June at 7pm

Kunstpause with Marijke Lukowicz
Thursday, 30 June at 12:30pm

Late Friday
Open till 10pm
10 June

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